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Taymil Roofing specialise in a range of Tile services for your roof. We use superior quality materials and tradesmen, This means value for money.

Most household insurance policies state that your roof is to be maintained regularly. This is important with Tile roofs as there is a number of problems that can occur.

The most common are:

DSC_0222Failing Bedding

Do you have this problem? The bedding that holds the tiles in place has failed and the most common reason for this is old and cracking cement. Wind and water is getting in or a poor concrete mix could be to blame. We can remove your tiles, remove the old bedding then install new bedding, reinstall tiles and repoint.
Wow here the bedding is leaking so that bad that the pointing has let go.









DSC_0224Cracked Pointing

Do you have tiles that have moved or can you see the pointing/mortar is cracking ? This is a problem because now the water can get into your home and start to rot your house away. Taymil Roofing can fix this. We can remove all the cracked pointing, clean the area then repoint using flex point in colours to match your existing roof colour. The cement or morter that holds your roof tile in place is now all fixed.
Now, no water can get in and the tiles can move instead of cracking under pressure.




DSC_0056Ah all fixed no more water problems or loose tiles.








8Broken Tiles


Does your roof have broken tiles on it? This can lead to big problems and should be fixed as soon as you can.
If your tiles are broken vermin can get in and destroy your house not to mention the water problems that can go unnoticed until the mould starts creeping through the roof plaster.
At Taymil Roofing we can remove and replace those broken tiles. Most insurance policies may be void if the roof is not maintained regularly. Inspection is a must! Give us a call for more information. 
Fixing broken tiles will insure that your home stays in tiptop shape. 





If your roof looks like this photo ( left side ) and you are looking to get it restored or  panted or just presure cleaned  ( right side ) than Taymil Roofing can do this for you. Maybe you want to change the colour of your house and don’t want to replace your roof.
Cleaning and painting your roof adds value to your home and stops leaks that have occurred because of the dirt and moss build up.






DSC_0514We can rejuvenate/restore your old roof by cleaning and painting it.





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