DSC_0033Residential, New Roof , Re-Roof and Restorations Solutions
Logan Village, logan Area, Brisbane , Gold Coast and Ipswich.


We specialise in a range of metal roofing services for houses any size or design,We only use superior quality materials and tradesmen.
This means you recive value for money.

Residential Services Include:

DSC_0447New Metal Roofs

Whether you are building a new home, extending your old home or just looking for an upgrade, at Taymil Roofing we can install different styles of Colorbond metal/tin roofing, Zinc metal/tin roofing, Galvanised and Aluminium roofing. Just give us a call so we can discuss the options with you.
Looking for a new roof in Logan, Beenleigh, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich  look no further as we are the best in town.


imagesZI5V9IV3Metal Re-Roofing

Does your roof leak? Do you have a tile roof that you want to change to metal? If your house looks like the picture on the left and you would like it to look like the picture on the right then call Taymil Roofing. We can replace or revamp  your existing  roof with a Colorbond steel/tin roof.
If you need a new roof or part of a new roof in Beenleigh, Logan, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich  here at Taymil Roofing we do it all. Colorbond/Galvanised/aluminium metal/tin roofing.
Old steel to new tin, looking good.


DSC_0520Metal Roof Restorations

Do you have rusty screws on your roof? Does your roof sheeting have rust holes in it ? Are your gutters or box gutters retaining  water and starting to rust? Do you have any flashings or parapet capping that has started to rust and leak ?
At Taymil Roofing We can restore your existing roof by removing the rusted or damaged roofing and flashings,
then replace it with new Galvanised , Zincalume or Colorbond metal roof sheeting. If you are looking for roof restoration in Logan, Beenleigh, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich look no further.
Wow that looks fantastic !


untitledTransparent Roof Sheeting

Do you have any dark areas in your home and you would like to let in some natural light ?
Taymil Roofing can install see through roof sheeting,  We can remove and replace your existing fiberglass roof sheets or install some new ones.  A very cost affective alternative.
If you are looking for a roof that’s see through, fiberglass or sun-tuff then talk to Taymil Roofing. We’re here to help.




Is your home dark in some areas but you have trusses or have been told that there is something in the way preventing you from having a sunroof? Call Taymil Roofing, we can install a Sky-light with a flexi tube that can curve around those obsticles.
We can replace your existing skylight with a new one or install a skylight where you need need some extra light.
Have you got a cracked or leaking existing sky-light ? Look no further Taymil Roofing services Logan, Beenleigh, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich and we can do this for you.
Sky-lights for tile roofs and tin/metal roofing.



wallWall Cladding

Do your walls look dull and boring? Have you had enough of painting?  Looking to upgrade your home or just looking for a modern look?  Wall sheeting is the answer.  We can give your home that fresh look by installing new Colorbond we have 22 different colors  to choose from. Zinc wall sheeting is another option to consider too. Give us a call – Let’s chat.
DSC_0190Racked and two curved ends all in the one sheet ! “Not bad !”









Is your house too hot? Are you sick of paying expensive air-conditioning bills?
Why not install a whirly-bird? It will reduce the heat that is stored in the roof and will allow fresh air to enter.
On average, in the middle of summer it will cool your house by around 5 degrees and save you money on the cost of air-conditioning.
We install and replace Whirly-birds and rotary ventilators. Colorbond or Zinc whatever matches your roof.



Do you come home from work, walk into your home and get hit with a heat wave? Are you are looking to reduce the cost of cooling?Then Insulating your home is a definite must!
There are lots of thickness of insulation, We can supply any one of them for your home. We have 55mm R1.3, 75mm R1.8, 100mm R2.5, 130mm R3.6.
Confused? Don’t panic.. Just give us a call. We’ll help.




Do your gutters look like this one? Full of leaves and starting to rust? If so, they are well overdue for a clean.
We can do roof reports and ongoing maintenance for your property. Taymil Roofing does Gutter Cleaning and Roof cleaning.
Not cleaning your Roof and Gutter can cut it’s life span by nearly half.
Extend the life of your gutter and your roof, call Taymil Roofing today.
This gutter needs cleaning badly!

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