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Residential House / Unit Guttering and Down Pipe Solutions
Logan Village, Logan Area, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich


We specialise in a range of metal and aluminium guttering and down pipe services for your home. We use superior quality materials and tradesman that know that getting job done right the first time is important. In return you receive value for money.

Guttering and Down pipe Services Include:

DSC_0382New guttering

Are you building a new home or do you have an extension or a new patio that needs some guttering?
At Taymil Roofing, We can install new colorbond metal or aluminium guttering. We service Logan, Beenleigh, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich We can also have gutters made to suite. A must when dealing with deleted or outdated gutter styles.






Do your gutters look like this? Rusted and leaking?  Have you noticed rust bubbling through the paint?
If your gutters need to be replaced, at Taymil Roofing we’ll  remove the old gutter and brackets, then re-fall the brackets or spikes so all the water falls in the right direction.





DSC_0029Gutter Sections

Have you noticed that some parts of your gutter is rusted and leaking And other parts are fine ? This is usually because your house has moved and now the water is sitting in one place or is falling the wrong way.
At Taymil Roofing we can remove the rusted parts of your gutter and replace it with new colorbond metal/tin, zinc and aluminium gutter. Then if needed make any adjustments that are needed to get the job done right.




9Down – Pipes

Have you noticed that your downpipes are leaking or they are rusted out? or are you just looking to replace them with plastic/P.V.C alternatives? If so,  you never have to replace them again because at Taymil Roofing we will remove your old metal or P.V.C down pipe and replace it with a new colorbond metal or P.V.C down pipe with new brackets.
New metal colorbond downpipe.




DSC_0407New P.V.C downpipe








Look out if your gutter looks like this first photo, you have a trees around that are dropping leaves and debris in your gutter.
That’s not a problem that’s going to go away and you can’t afford to ignore it.
At Taymil Roofing we can clean out your gutters and install a leaf guard ( photo two ) so this problem stops. Fitting a leaf guard will stop leaves, debris and vermin from getting into the gutter and it makes your house safer from fire and leaks, not to mention that your gutter will last much longer.  We have many different types of leaf guard, Metal, plastic, stainless steel and fly-screen.
Wow I think they have a leaf problem!




DSC_0517Now that’s nice no leaves.








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